Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mortal Enemy

This morning was vacuuming day. The cat found the highest corner in the most remote closet. About an hour later she slinked into the living room with her head on a swivel. Looked like the point man on a combat patrol.

She has hated me every since, five years ago, while wearing leather gloves, I stuffed her into a cat carrier. Blasted feline. I've threatened to sell her to a Vietnamese restaurant (ok, start hating on me for stereotyping). 


  1. Poor kitty. My puppies don't like it either. I can't find them after I run that thing around.

  2. In awhile she will walk by the closet where the vacuum is stored and start hissing.

  3. LOL, At least she doesn't attack it and chew the hoses apart!