Friday, December 13, 2013

Arapahoe High School

One confirmed dead, one seriously wounded, and one slightly wounded is about all the facts known right now.

Already Facebook has exploded with, "See, see, see, I told you so, I told you so, I told you so" postings.

Don't worry about facts, emotions and feelings are FAR more important. Once again it will be the firearms owner's fault. If we didn't insist on having our dangerous toys, something like this WOULD NEVER happen. What, you don't AGREE??? You vile person!

Here come the waves of smug self righteous and indignant posturing. How nice to target a group with spite and hate, and have it socially acceptable.

Kiss my ass, gun grabbers.


  1. AND the day before the Sandy Hook anniversary... Makes you wonder...

  2. Hope there is no connection. Otherwise, some truly evil people are operating.

  3. I won't comment on the truly evil people operating, as I've said it for years.

    What gets me every time, though, are the calls for REGISTRATION as if that would stop someone who obtains a firearm illegally from using it for nefarious purposes.

    I'm almost more afraid of the stupid than the evil.

  4. Most banks, sports stadiums, tourist attractions etc. etc. have better security than do our schools. Speaks volumes!

    1. Very true! In Colorado, many of the larger schools (including Arapahoe) have armed "Resource Officers" present. Arapahoe had one on duty.