Saturday, November 16, 2013

Leaving the Barrio

The move is proceeding on schedule and should be completed by Wednesday.

Two nights ago, I was going out to my truck when I heard a loud "crack". A grey car was going down the street with the passenger side window down. The passenger was hollering at the driver, "Go, go, go!" The car reached the T intersection, ran the stop sign, and sped off.

I didn't see a flash, and the noise didn't seem to be a bullet breaking the sound barrier. Doubt if I was a target, too random,  and my path downstairs wasn't visible from the direction the car was traveling. Nothing has developed in the neighborhood in the past two days.

My sister, the Northeast Colorado dispenser of snark, attributes it to residents getting an early start celebrating my departure.


  1. Yep, time to roll out of there my friend! Sooner rather than later!!!

    1. Should have done it years ago. When there is fresh snow, you can see tracks circling parked vehicles and leading up to doors and windows.

  2. And your problem is what????


  3. Problem? What problem? Snark dispensers can be ignored.

  4. I have a feeling Sisty is going to have a lot more fun with the new living arrangement than you are!!! LOL